Ice core2013, 2010, 2022

casting, optical glass polished 20 x Ø 10 cm, 73 x Ø 18 cm blown cristal in a hole in the ground, silicone, each ø 15 x 30 cm

True climate archives, ice cores are cylindrical sections that are taken from the ice caps to analyze the composition of the air and temperature over thousands of years (up to 800,000 years!). Glaciologist Claude Lorius, who discovered this exploratory technique in the 1960s, proved the correlation between the rise in temperature curves and the imprisonment of greenhouse gases: human activities are indeed the cause of global warming.

Fascinated by this capacity of the environment to contain our memory, the French artist Mathilde Caylou took the imprint of a hole in the ground before transforming it into a glass core. The enclosed air bubbles refer to the time that has passed and to the knowledge that landscapes hold, as long as we know how to look at them.

Anne-Sophie Bérard