Water Network2018

spun glass, wood and altuglass, LED 280 x 220 x 19 cm

The Vauclaire hospital has its own water network. This network is like the skeleton of this living place. The map was recreated with glass which provides it with a certain fragility, delicacy, preciousness. It is attached vertically to the wall with magnets, and seems to precariously float on top of a grey and transparent stand which reminds us of X-rays.

Two maps overlap in this sculpture. In the foreground, we see the water network of the hospital, as it has been drawn, organized and channeled by men. In the background, we discover the organic, irregular watercourse of the river. These two elements interact, they live together, but one depends on the other. The hospital is porous, it protects and attempts to prepare patients from/for the world outside