glass casting, polished, dichroic glass, 29 x 14,5 x 18 cm

“Peatland” is a unique piece, made during an artist residency in Vendée, France.

I worked on the place where I was. I was living close from a peatland, a wetland area protected. Plant elements and organic matter that have fallen to the ground and accumulated are decomposed little or no, because of the permanent immersion. Sometimes this laborious and difficult decomposition reveals iridescent traces. To account for this place, I molded the surface of the ground. As a geological section, we can see in levitation a dichroic glass layer that evokes this plant decomposition. In transparency, behind its walls delicately polished with water and carborundum, multiple layers are distinguished and the look can penetrate the depths from the subsoil, discover this fossil organic matter formed by accumulation. It also directs attention to the in-between state of the plant: between the living and the inert, between the solid and the liquid, between the water and the soil.

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