ruderal plants2022

spun glass, geotextile, tarmac 240 x 35 x 12 cm Pictures by Jean Vivian et Blaise Adion, may-july 2022, DRC Vénissieux

This work was born during a residency at the Centre d'Art Madeleine Lambert in Vénissieux.

The ruderal plants participate in an uncontrolled vegetation of spaces. In the heart of the city, the artist identified social, ornamental, nourishing and ruderal plants. Four plant families that cohabit on the same territory. From flowerbeds to the cereal fields of the Grandes Terres, she explored the vegetal movement according to different scales and practices. The actors and actresses of this collective movement share the same concern for the soil and the vegetation of a constantly redefining ecosystem. In this sense, the questions of transposition and plastic transformation of places are at the heart of her artistic approach.

Julie Crenn summer 2022