From the great lands to the flowerbeds2022

Blown glass, sandblasted, iridescent chandelier, 4 elements of 120 x 30 x 30 cm Photos by Jean Vivian and Blaise Adion, may-july 2022, DRC Vénissieux

The ornamental plants are raised in the city's greenhouses. They can be found in the flowerbeds in compositions designed by the municipality's green space department. The greenhouses, spaces with artificial and controlled weather, allow to anticipate the seasons by preparing the plants for their implantation outside. They are real nurseries. These plants have a social role, that of highlighting a city disparate in terms of urban landscapes, to improve the living environment of the inhabitants, but also to underline the political power.

In the greenhouses of the city of Vénissieux there is also a real forest of ficus, trees that can be borrowed to decorate official speeches, ceremonies, or public spaces.